A ¼ scale replica of the actual Boston Red Sox world famous Fenway Park.

The pitcher’s mound, home plate and all three bases are all actual game used from the real Fenway Park (all acquired from the Red Sox) …our second base was stood on by none other than Mike Trout who had hit a double at the game the day the base was used.

Our Green Monster stool/seats are actual game used seats from the original Green Monster at Fenway we acquired from the Red Sox after they were replaced/ retired in 2016!

Park Dimensions:

Left Field Wall: 71 ft. from Home, 13 ft. high

Center Field Wall: 97 ft. from Home, 8 ft. high

Right Field Wall: 69 ft. from Home, 4 ft. high

Baselines: 41.5ft

Pitcher's mound: 30.5 ft from Home

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